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November / topaze / white gold 14K 3mm

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Cristal / rainbow / white gold 14K

December / bleu zircon/ yellow gold 14K 3mm

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  • Disinfect the back as well as the front of the earring without removing it. . Repeat morning and evening with a thymol-based antiseptic for a period of 4 weeks.
  • Do not change earrings for 3 months. (Note that it is not mandatory to change them.)
  • Keep a pair of earrings on at all times, otherwise the hole will close. (1 year minimum)
  • Always check the butterflies behind the earrings to make sure they stay in place.
  • Always rinse out any shampoo or other soap that may get lodged near the lobe and clean it with the antiseptic.
  • Never disinfect your piercing with alcohol or peroxide. This could dry out the lobes.

FACES Cosmétiques is not responsible for any loss, infection or allergy. It is your responsibility to take good care of your piercing.

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